NBJ_drawn_smBarry-Jansson & Associates was founded in 1994, and is located in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco, California. Visual Designer and illustrator, Nancy Barry-Jansson was the creative energy behind Barry-Jansson & Associates, thriving on exceeding client expectations. Creative, professional, and dedicated to her customers, Ms. Barry-Jansson specialized in providing exceptional creative services. Working on a project-to-project basis, Barry-Jansson & Associates provided cost-effective solutions for businesses. Over the years, her strength as a visual artist combined with her computer skills had been a tremendous help to clients of all sizes and a variety of industries.

Prior to establishing the business, Barry-Jansson worked for Adobe Systems Inc., managing, creating and illustrating an average of 110 presentations each year. During her 3+ years at Adobe Systems, she learned Adobe’s core products, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere, and began working with Acrobat before it was even released to the public.

With a wide range of experience in mortgage lending, real estate, high tech, and fine arts, Nancy is able to customize illustrations to the customer’s needs and she excels in collaborating with clients for the perfect solution. “All creative results are driven by the client’s message and existing branding. This means that custom illustrations can be leveraged across all media, which saves them time and money.” explains Ms.Barry-Jansson. “Because I am developing long-term client relationships, I believe in providing real value and return on (marketing) investment so everyone benefits. It’s my intent that all my clients succeed!”

The “& Associates” part of Barry-Jansson & Associates are the specialized sub-contractors who are brought in, from time to time, to meet a client’s specific requirements. This allows Nancy to assemble teams for specific projects, as needed, and extend the offerings provided clients.

From 1994 through mid-2009, Ms. Barry-Jansson focused primarily on offering presentations and custom illustrations for a variety of clients throughout Silicon Valley, the U.S. and Scandinavia. Her focus shifted from mid-2009 to the present to creative services. Barry-Jansson & Associates is an SB Certified Small Business, which means we are certified to do business with the State of California.

Due to a disabling injury in Nov. 2018, Ms. Barry-Jansson could not return to her previous career.