Over the years, Barry-Jansson & Associates has served many clients, from individuals to start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Here are just a few of the client testimonials…

“Nancy has helped The TalentCulture World of Work Community on many levels – with creative and focused information design expertise that is moving our brand in the right direction. Her logo development, brand integration and email template designs have been invaluable. I look forward to working with her as a trusted ally while our organization continues to expand its presence across social channels.”

~Meghan M. Biro, Founder and CEO, TalentCulture

“Nancy is a solid information design professional, and it shows. Whether illustrating an abstract concept, integrating brand elements into marketing deliverables, or driving creative production details, she’s focused yet flexible. Her ideas are fresh and effective, her technical skills are first-rate, and she’s a smart, resourceful team player. She quickly pinpoints the message an audience must grasp, then builds a clear vision for communicating that message. Also, her engaging personality fosters strong client relationships. I have sought-out her expertise multiple times in my career, and look forward to hiring her again for all sorts of of digital design deliverables – including infographics, newsletter and blog customization, presentation development, and branding projects.”

~Kathleen (KK) Kruse, President, Kruse Consulting (worked together on projects for Adobe Systems, Netscape Communications, and TalentCulture)

“Nancy is a very creative and energetic person. She created all the graphic files, template designs, custom illustrations, and images we developed for HPs’ webcast series. She was able to help us adapt the artwork and slides for this new medium, clearly communicate to the audience, and contributed to the overall success of HP’s first nationwide webcast series, and subsequent series that followed.”

~Sylvanus Bent, Co-Founder/Dir., Advanced Technologies, Network24
(worked together on projects for Hewlett-Packard Company)

“Okay, I got stuck just trying to decide if Nancy is a graphic artist, strategist or writer. Truth be told, she is all of these. Her top 3 attributes was also hard because she is everything–great results, expert in her field, excellent value, absolutely on time is very creative and of course as high-integrity. Through 3 user conferences, countless graphics and more Nance never once let me down. I work with Nancy and will always work with Nancy. She primarily does ppt for me, but if anybody has ever tried to hire a real artist for this they know it’s not easy. Several of Nancy “ppt” graphics that she renders from scratch in Illustrator were used in our brochures, tradeshow signage and more. Hiring Nancy is a good idea.”

~Cynthia Hulton, Director of Corporate Communications, ArcSight

“I needed a new branded website and Facebook page for my healing work, and didn’t even know where to start! Just the thought of it overwhelmed me. After setting up an appointment with Nancy, she helped me get focused, asked me some thought-provoking questions, and requested a few photos from me. Before I knew it, she had created an amazing site ~ even BETTER than I expected. Then, Nancy patiently coached me on best practices so I could take over from there. I love both the site and the FB page so much, and am getting great responses from potential clients. The experience has been incredible. I highly recommend hiring Barry-Jansson & Associates for creativity, web design and tech coaching!”

~Annette Pedersen, Healer, Big Cat Rescue, Florida

“My experience of Nancy is one of complete professionalism, exceptional dedication, and ultimate mastery of whatever she sets her mind to. Having Nancy involved in my projects has made me feel I’m partnered with the best there is, which brings incredible peace of mind and inevitable success to the project(s).

She is not just technically savvy, but gifted at big picture concepts and communicating solutions in a way that others don’t see. My suggestion is to take advantage of any opportunity you have to get Nancy in on your gig. You’ll be better off for it!”

~Jeannette Maw, Master Coach,Salt Lake City, UT

“I have engaged Barry-Jansson & Associates and it was the best investment I ever made in helping with technical issues with my website and setting up a payment system. Nancy is not only one of the most talented people I know (she worked previously at Adobe), she is also one of the most patient and genuinely cares about helping her clients succeed with their web efforts. What ever I needed, somehow she got it done. She always kept me updated on costs and budget and I never felt I had to worry about her overcharging or selling me services I did not want or need. I can not say enough good things about her and the quality of services she provides. If you are struggling with any web issue, Nancy is the exactly the person you need to call. (I am in no way financially affiliated with Nancy and receive no compensation of money or services for this endorsement.) Trust me, she is like Neo in the Matrix – she’s the one!”

~Thomas Haizlip, Executive Coach, Greensboro, NC

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