Case Study: Annette Pedersen

Reaching a Wider Audience
When Annette Pedersen decided to become certified in The Emotion Code, an energy healing modality, she knew it would be necessary to reach out to a wider audience. In order to attain her certification, Annette would need to provide at least 40 pro-bono sessions ~ in person, locally, and by phone. For Annette to connect with that many prospective clients, she needed a way for them to learn about her and decide if The Emotion Code would work for them.

A Healing Solution
It was clear that a website could help Annette reach more people. While she had previously created free sites for herself in the past,¬†Annette hadn’t been entirely happy with the results, and didn’t know where to begin with a new site. I had met Annette through social media, and was honored when she contacted Barry-Jansson & Associates to help her figure out the best solution that would be very cost-effective while she’s getting certified and building her business, but would allow her to grow a bigger site when the time was right.

After Annette contacted me, I interviewed her about all her preferences for the new site including color, layout, sidebar and blog features. She wanted something professional looking that would be easy for her to update. I recommended a free site that she would later be able to migrate when the time was right, that would connect to a branded Facebook business page. We also brainstormed site names and options. I took notes as Annette shared her preferences. Then, Annette sent me photos to use in the header and content of the site.

I searched template options that would work best, established the new site location, created the banner graphic using the colors Annette preferred. Some of the photos required photo editing including brightening and cropping. I created a profile image for the site as well as for the site’s favicon (that little image that shows up in the browser tab / navigation bar), for Annette’s blog icon, and for her new Facebook page. When I created the Facebook page, I adapted the existing site header to work as the new cover image.

By the way, the sweet calico kitty in Annette’s site header is very important, not only because Annette is able to help humans and animals. The kitty’s name is Dot, and she always sits with (or ON) Annette during The Emotion Code phone sessions! (Many animal healers report that they often have certain animals in the house who want to “help out” when they work.) Dot enjoys being Annette’s energy helper, so it made a lot of sense to include her in the header image.

Setting Her Up for Success
Based on our interview, I was able to guess many of the finer details, but I knew that Annette would have final say once the site was completed. I presented the completed site and FB page to Annette, and she was thrilled. Now all she had to do was add content!

To that end, I spent some time coaching Annette on creating new blog posts, adding new pages, tweaking her sidebars, and adding photos. Now she was free to move forward on her own. Annette reports that the site and FB page are working wonders for her connecting with potential clients. Coordinating her site and social media allows Annette to share healing success stories, and a way for potential clients to contact her easily.

What do you think? Visit Annette’s new site and click here to visit her Facebook page.

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