Get the Most from Creative Professionals, Part 1

As an avid networker, I belong to a variety of professional organizations and their email lists. Often, questions come across these lists that highlight how little is known about working with a creative professional. These tips are designed to help you decide who is the best person to hire, and how to get the best (creative) work out of them.

What to look for when hiring creative professionals
Creative professionals do tend to be right-brain dominant, so they think and work differently than those who are left-brain dominant. As a result, the creative process is quite often is non-linear. However, a good professional will not bother you with those details, and you will never have to worry about them managing their own creative process. Successful creatives regularly meet the deadlines and address your project objectives, regardless of how they work.

If you are going to pay someone good money to create for you, it makes sense to seek out professionals who have experience and have made a living doing this for at least a few years. Yes, less experienced creatives will be eager and charge less per hour, but that’s the catch: inexperienced creatives usually take longer and make more mistakes than a seasoned pro.

Like most professions, the longer you’ve done it, the more likely…

A.) You are going to continue doing that kind of work and be available in the future

B.) You have been there, done that, and learned the hard lessons

C.) You know the smartest and fastest way to accomplish the project objectives, and…

D.) You will be mindful of meeting your client’s needs within their budget and endeavor to establish a long-term relationship (because you intend to stay in business). That makes sense, right?

So, look for the seasoned person with experience using the skills you need. You’ll save money and headaches immediately, and in the long run. Keep in mind that a creative organization, such as an agency, may have been in business a while, but their staff may be full of newbies who are stumbling through the projects. Take the time to find out how long the people you are interacting with have worked in their industry.

When you hire seasoned professionals, you are also paying for all their experience, which is ultimately less expensive than having others learn their job on your dime.

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