Get the Most from Creative Professionals, Part 5

This article is a continuation of the discussion from Get the Most from Creative Professionals, Part 4. The first post in the series is here.

Managing the project
Once you have briefed the creative, signed the contract, and paid your up-front fee, it is time to step back and let the creative person do their job. They should keep the project on track and meet your deadline without your provocation. If you hired the right person, you should now be able to fully focus your energies on your other projects and leave the professional to do their job. If you have to hand-hold or constantly check on the progress, you are either micro-managing (who, you?) or you have not hired a professional.

At the same time, the professional creative will always keep you informed about project changes, and will not contact you unless additional information is required or they have hit a snag. Let them do their job. That’s why you hired a professional in the first place.

If you are feeling the urge to constantly check in, you are disturbing the process for a professional and frazzling the nerves of a newbie. Put your faith in the professional, and if the deadline slips, it’s time to hire someone else!

When you hire a seasoned person, they have been in business and stayed in business because they met deadlines and satisfied their customers on a regular basis. Leave it to the professional, and if they fail to meet a deadline or fail to keep you informed about the project, then they are in breach of the contract. You can deal with that bridge, should you ever come to it, and if so you will be very glad you put it all in writing. If you hire the more experienced, seasoned professional, however, you are far less likely to ever see that bridge!

Pay Your Invoice on Time
This is the most often over-looked *tip* on how to find and keep the best creative people available for you. We all have expenses to pay, and creatives are no different. A client who routinely pays quickly and respectfully is noticed and remembered, and given preference over clients who hold off paying. There are some large corporations who believe it’s an *honor* for anyone to contract with them. I bet they scramble when they want to hire a seasoned professional who has the choice who to work for!

If a creative met your deadline, pay back the favor by making sure their invoice is processed in 30 days or less. Yes, you get brownie points for every day less than 30 that the payment is received. OK, maybe not. 😉 However, I guarantee it will get noticed, AND the next time you call with a tight deadline, you will be glad you did!

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