Help Nancy...Thrive!

Friends and family coming together

On Nov 5, 2018, our friend Nancy endured 2nd degree burns to her dominant hand and forearm while putting out a kitchen fire. You will thank us for sparing the gory visuals.

During her 10-day hospital stay, she underwent successful graft surgery. Recovery of her dominant hand function means she cannot work right now, and it is unclear how long it will be before she can return to work.

The Blessings...

Nancy would want us to focus on blessings, and there are a few:
☘ Nancy is alive and healing well
☘ There was minimal property damage
☘ No one else was hurt or affected by the fire because she put it out!

However, as the holidays unfold this year, Nancy now requires at least a few hours of in-home care each day which are not covered by insurance. Plus, she needs to cover a year's worth of living expenses or until she can work again. As a business owner, Nancy also does not qualify for the bulk of social safety nets that would usually cover these costs. This is a huge burden and source of stress while she's recovering.

It's beome the perfect financial storm.

Here Is How We Can Help!

The power of the crowd.

It's the good news, here. You and me, family and friends who care about Nancy, coming together for the common goal of getting her through the storm.

If you can afford to send a non-taxable gift, please do so online via Paypal:

OR by sending a USD based check to:

Nancy Barry-Jansson
PO Box 2628
Cupertino CA 95015-2628

Note that 100% of USD based checks directly go to help Nancy. Paypal takes 2.9% plus $0.30 per gift transaction. We chose not to use other platforms as they take as much as 15% off each gift.

Please know that Nancy is humbled and appreciative of any gift you are able to share at this intense time. Thank you so very much!

Tuesday, November 27,2018 is #GivingTuesday If you feel comfortable, please share this now with people who know Nancy or who may empathize with her situation. Thank you for helping us leverage the power of the crowd to Help Nancy Thrive!